Fried almonds with olive oil and salt

Yummy fried almonds!

Buying a little package of almonds at the closest supermarket, it’s not the same. Having some mix of nuts served at the bar, it’s not the same.

My friend, there is nothing like buying a package of fried almonds on the streets of Malaga. No matter if it’s spring, summer, autumn or winter, you’ll find almonds street vendors all along the province. It’s part of our tradition.

Almonds sold on the streets

The almond is the main dry fruit grown in the province of Malaga (more than 16.000 hectares), being an 80€ of them exported. Different types of almonds are being cultivated in the area and the predominant varieties are Largueta (the largest one), ComunaGuara  or Marcona (big and rounded shape). Of all almonds, the most demanded is the Marcona because is the most suitable for cooking and baking. Those you’ll find being sold on the streets of Malaga have been fried with olive oil and sault… and they’re delicious! It price ranges from 2 to 4€, depending on the amount per package.

Almonds stall at the Atarazanas Market of Malaga

The almond seller Pedro Hernández is remembered with affection by locals because he’s been one of the most emblematic street sellers of Malaga. That was his profession for almost 22 years and he located his stall on the central Nueva Street, where he used to sell the almonds while shouting ¡aaaaay, qué ricas! (yummy almonds!). Unfortunately, he passed away last February  but his memory will make us smile forever: symbol of the Malaga tradition.

Pedro Hernández, one of the most emblematic almond sellers of Málaga

The local almond is just not for selling on the streets, it’s very present in our gastronomy and the basis for several traditional dishes: almond sauce for the meat, desserts mades from almonds, Christmas sweets, soups… it’s a delight!

Meatballs in almond sauce is one of the basic recipes of the Malaga cuisine

Therefore, if you want to be part of the real Malaga during your trip, buy a package of fried almonds while taking a stroll around the city. You can also take them back home with you as an original souvenir, what do you think?

WARNING! Be careful… they are highly addictive!

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