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Where to eat (a lot) in Malaga

In fact, the best option would be not eating breakfast. But nothing at all, ok? Well, you can have a coffee. But if we were you, we wouldn’t eat anything in the morning if you are going to have lunch at any of these places. You know, the more empty space you have, the more you can eat. Do you want to know where?


Soupy rice

El Túnel Restaurant

1) El Túnel Restaurant (close to Agujero’s Reservoir, Málaga): You book a table (because you need to book it), you get there and suddenly find yourself eating together with another 600 people as if it’s been 3 months since the last time you ate. Pork loin in red butter –as a starter- and soupy rice –as the main course-, together with sweet wine from Málaga’s Mountains. Doesn’t matter how much you eat, it always seems to be a bit more in the casserole. When you call to book the table, you are asked if you would like rice for lunch. If you are 4 people, order rice for 3; if you are 6 people, order rice for 5. Always order rice for fewer people than you are. And, if even so, you don’t finish the whole casserole, don’t worry, you can take the leftovers away. It is very likely that you find a group playing kind of local music there (enlace a youtube). Recommended season: autumn/winter.

How to get:


Restaurant Casa Pepa, Carratraca

2) Casa Pepa’s Tavern (Carratraca): In this place you eat like at home, and literally, because you eat in Mrs Pepa’s livingroom, with the pot in the middle of the table and you serve yourself as much as you want (or as much as you can eat).  You get 4 first courses, few seconds courses and several desserts, all traditional food, plus homemade wine. All this for 9€/pax. You can book a table for the first turn (13:30h); if you want to eat later, then you go there and wait (owner says everyone gets to have lunch, even if it’s 5pm). Prince Charles and Antonio Banderas already tried Pepa’s delicious food. Do you want to be the next one?

How to get there:


Paella in Nerja

Restaurant Ayo, Nerja

3) Ayo Restaurant (Burriana Beach, Nerja): This is a restaurant with a vine-made ceiling located by the sea shore, where you pay for a plate of paella and you can get as many as you want. Bottomless paella, just like a dream. They also have meat and fish, but the star dish is paella. Don’t wait for the waiter to look for a table for you. It’s you who goes and look for a family who is already leaving to sit at their recently free table. And you have to be quick, because a free table at Ayo lasts less than a free parking spot in city centre. Recommended season: summer.

How to get:



Restaurant The 3 fives

4) Any restaurant at Málaga’s Mountains (Málaga): You can go to any of them, because most of them are really good, but we are going to suggest that you go to Los 3 cincos (The 3 fives). If you usually like to order a starter, go for it, but just eating a good plato de los montes or migas, you can already leave you car parked there and come back to Málaga rolling mountain down. You will end up round. From any restaurant at these mountains you will see whole Málaga and Mediterranean Sea. Since it is a big restaurant with many people it can get a bit loud there, but the food and service qualities are really worthy.

Do you want to know how to get there? Plug your gps in:


Chocolate brownie

Grill House Iñaki

5) Iñaki’s Grill House (Málaga): Grilled octopus, oax steak, iberican presa, marinated tuna… customers are snapping them up like hotcakes! If you want to eat with our friend Iñaki you will need to be there at the very first time of lunch or dinner shift (13:00 and 20:30), or wait for a free table while you make your mouth water with the smell coming out of the restaurant. If you usually like to have a dessert, leave enough space in your tummy: desserts are huge!

Note down where this good food temple is:


At a malagueño house

6) At any malagueño’s house: If someone invites you for lunch (or dinner) at his house the usual thing is to have food on top of the table as if you are ready for the war to come. Even if you are just a few. It’s said that people in Málaga are very exagerated and it is true, specially when serving food to guests. Even if you see cutlery can only fit vertically on the table, don’t trust there is no more food coming. Besides, it will be nearly forbidden for you to bring a dish (and you better don’t, since there is going to be enough food for a whole army). What it is typical is to bring some drink or some sweet dessert with you.


So that’s it. If you have any questions or you want to know other restaurants where we malagueños usually go, just text us. And there you go, come to Málaga for holiday and get fat here!

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