Sardines espeto

One ‘espeto’ each, please

That’s more or less what you end up eating when you go for lunch (or dinner) with your family or friends to have some fried fish: one sardines espeto for each of you (plus anything else you want to order).

Before emoji generation got here, many other civilizations were in Málaga, such as Phoenicians, Romans and Arabs, who already used to roast fish on a fishing boat at the sea shore.

Sardines espeto
Sardines espeto

The sardines espeto was invented by Miguel Martínez Soler, aka Miguel el de las sardinas (Miguel, the sardines’ one), on a sunny afternoon at the end of the 19th century (or maybe it was in the morning, who cares, but it was sunny for sure). Miguelito inserted few sardines in a cane, added thick salt and roasted them on the fire on the beach sand. Clever guy, he put the sardines upside down, so they didn’t fall into the fire. He did this just beside the beach restaurant he had opened a few months earlier (the very first one in whole Spain)

This simple dish (cause it can’t be any easier) got so popular than even celebrities used to come to the restaurant that Miguel opened just beside the beach. One of them was the King Alfonso XII himself. Sir Alfonso was used to fine manners as you usually are when belong to the Court. So he grabbed knife and fork and started to eat the sardines. When Miguel saw that, he got a shock and he said to the King ‘not like that, His Majesty, with your fingers’. Sir Alfonso obeyed him and ended up like everyone else when eating sardines in Málaga: licking his fingers.

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