Larios Street Christmas light vault

Not just Christmas lights

Malaga is not a beautiful city at Christmas time… it’s an amazing one! Every year more and more people choose Malaga as a Christmas holiday destination thanks to the lighting, which is getting very popular.

The Christmas lights of the centrally-located Larios Street takes the buscuit in the city, but some other spots do not go unnoticed. Here you can find some of the bests of Malaga city center.

Illuminated vault at Larios Street
The best known and impressive part of our Christmas illumination is the everyday light & music show at the main street of the city, Larios Street. You’ll enjoy this show at 6:30, 8:00 and 9:30, where lights are dancing to 3 different Christmas songs.

Christmas lights of Larios Street

But what does the illumination represents? The Cathedral of Málaga: its vaults, stained glass and rose windows.

Is it possible to enter a Christmas tree?
Indeed. At the Constitution Square, the main square of the city, you’ll find an enormous lit-up tree where you could get inside and being surrounded by the magic of Christmas… besides, your selfies will look delightful!

Christmas tree and Christmas lights at Constitution Square

This is about trees
Not just focusing on the Costitution Square… There are many cool trees around the center!

Christmas trees decorating the center of Malaga

Picasso’s doves?
Also in the crwoded Merced Square, this year we find illuminated birds on the trees.

Bird shaped lights at the Merced Square

That is very curious because this square has always characterized by the big amount of doves gathering around, one of the most painted animals by Pablo Picasso during his lifetime. This square was next to his house, where he was born and lived until he turned 10.

Christmas market
Also known as the “I-want-it-all market”. Along the Park of the city, there are many Christmas (and not only Christmas) stalls where you can find anything you want: Nativity Scene figures, firecrackers, food and sweets…

Nativity scene decorations at the Christmas Market of Malaga

The most popular ones are those related to the Nativity Scene decoration and the tricks and jokes ones.

Green and purple
These lights keep an special symbolism: the green and purple colour form a part of our city flag, did you know it?

Christmas lights with the colours of the Malaga flag

If you don’t know the Christmas lights of Malaga, you’re still on time to visit them and being impressed. Because these are not just Christmas lights after all.

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