Malaga public transport

How to use public transport in Malaga

When you come to Malaga you might need to use public transport. If your hotel/appartment is in city centre and that’s the only thing you want to see, then you won’t need it, because everything is kind of close. But if you want to go to the Cars Museum, to eat some sardines to Pedregalejo or to visit the Botanic Gardens of La Concepción, you’ll need some kind of transport. And either you rent a car or you use the public transport. Today, we’re telling you the different kind of public transport you can use in Malaga.

1) BUS:

There are around 40 bus lines in Malaga which connect the city centre with all the neighbourhoods or the neighbourhoods one to another. There are also 5 night bus lines and the bus which is going to the airport. The working times and the frequency of the buses depends on which line you have to take, so the best is that you check it here once you know what bus you have to take to get to your destination. On the bus company website there is a section to find out which bus you have to get depending on where you want to get to.

Malaga bus card

You get the ticket from the bus driver and it costs 1’30€. Another option is to buy a bus card like the one in the picture, and then each journey costs 1’20€ aprox (10 journeys, 8’30€ -prices from 2019-). You can get –and top up- this card in kioscs and tocacco shops, and you have to validate your card every time you enter the bus. With this card you can transfer between 2 buses of different lines in 1 hour time since you validated the card. It’s not a personal card, so if you’re 3 people, 3 of you can use the same card.



There are 2 lines of metro in Malaga whose itinerary you can see on the map below. It doesn’t get to city centre yet, since Guadalmedina and Atarazanas stops are still in construction (it’s expected they open by the end of 2020).

Malaga metro map

You can buy two types of metro cards: a cardboard temporary one (the one on the left) and a plastic one (the one on the right). You can get the first one at any metro station and it costs 0’30€. But to get the second one you’ll need to go to El Perchel station or to Palacio de los Deportes station, and it costs 1’80€. You can top up both of them from 5€ and the price of the journey is 0’82€. None of them is a personal card, so like on the bus, more than one person can use the same card. In this case, you’ll need to validate the card when you enter and when you leave metro, so don’t throw it away!

Malaga temporary metro card                                          Malaga metro card


Metro frequency goes from 6 to 10 minutes and the working hours depends on the day:

  • Monday to Thursday: 6:30-23:00h
  • Friday and public holiday eves: 6:30-1:30h
  • Saturday: 7:00-1:30h
  • Sunday and public holiday: 7:00-23:00h


  • Both bus and metro services have a special frequency in Christmas, Easter, Malaga’s Fair and other special ocasions
  • You can’t transfer from metro to bus (or other way around), unless you use the Consorcio de Transporte Metropolitano de Málaga card, which is the one you can use for intercity buses



You’ll see public bicycles stations on Malaga’s streets. They belong to the bus company, but it’s not easy to rent them for a day or few hours. This is because you need a personal card with your picture to be able to use them. So unless you’re going to spend a while in Malaga, it’s not worthy to do all the paperwork you need to do to if you want to use them. Anyway, here you have a web where you can get more info, in case you’re interested. 

Public bicycles in Malaga



* Intercity buses: If you want to go to another city you can use the intercity buses. Here you have a web where you can get more info about the different lines, prices, working times…

* Local trains: This is another option to get to other cities in the province. There are 2 lines and you can check routes and prices here.

* Electric scooters: Recently they’re all around the city. You can rent them through a phone app and they have similar prices. Right now you can drive wherever you want but this is going to be regulated in the next few months, so consider it might have changed by the time you come to Malaga.


And that’s it so far. So, do you already know how to get to your Erasmus friend’s house? Or to the Russian Museum? If you have any doubts about public transport in Malaga, ask us!

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