Frigiliana is a village of Malaga

Frigiliana… how beautiful you are!

“What to do in Malaga?” is one of the questions with most searches on Internet by our future visitors and indeed one of the most common questions our travelers usually ask after a visit around the center of the city.

I never get tired of saying that the province of Malaga has much to offer. To get the most out of the experience visiting only the capital is not enough, other little towns need to be explored. Frigiliana is one of my favourite white villages of Malaga. Every visit is always ending up with a big smile and willing to come back asap. And I’m not the only one thinking this way: Frigiliana was selected as one of the prettiest villages of Spain.

You are not surprised, right?

Frigiliana, how to start…? I can anticipate that you’ll fall in love with its streets (steep and narrow), its uniform whiteness (which reflect the light), its history (which you’ll know through the tiles located on the streets), its secret corners, gastronomy, people… It’s not just a special plce for what I’ve just said. Look:

Steeper streets = better views

Steep streets at Frigiliana

It is true that Frigiliana it’s known for being quite steep,  but you have to think about the geographical location it has, the views that you’ll find when you reach the top, that exercising is good for your health and you know it … and the effort is totally worth it!

Colorful doors

Colorful doors in Frigiliana, Malaga

Impossible not to take picture to many of them! Here you have a small selection of these wooden colored wonders. A touch of light!

Nerja at your feet

Sea views from a viewpoint of Frigiliana

We always recommend to visit on the same trip Frigiliana and Nerja once you are in the same area. Nerja is a coastal town located very close to Frigiliana but in the coast, 15 minutes by car. Another deserved visit after which you’ll think about giving up your current lifestyle, have an early retirement and spend the rest of your life in this wonderful paradise.

I can think of 6 more reasons to encourage you to visit Frigiliana, but I prefer to leave some suspense for the day you decide to go.

Remember: comfortable footwear, charged batery camera and the senses and soul wide open.

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