Here you have a FAQs list. You can’t find your question here? Contact us!

  • Do I need to book my tour?
    • Yes, since we work with small groups (10 people max) you have to book it in advance. Don’t worry if you have a larger group, just contact us.
  • How long in advance do I need to book my tour?
    • The sooner the better (just so you don’t miss it).). The Basic Málaga Tour needs to be booked at least 24h in advance. The Intermediate and Advanced Tours need to book as soon as possible, because we need to check museums and monuments’ availability.
  • How can I change my booking?
    • Just contact us and we’ll get that sorted for you.
  • How can I pay for the tour?
    • You pay at the beginning of the tour in cash -we accept only euros-. You don’t need to pay any deposit before. We recommend you get to the meeting point 10 minutes before the starting time, so you have enough time to pay and we can start on time. Big groups will pay by bank transfer.
  • What happens if eventually I can’t go to a tour I already booked?
    • If sadly you can’t come to the tour we ask you please to let us know as soon as possible, either by phone, WhatsApp or by email. Sometimes it happens, don’t worry, but we would like you to think on your guide and don’t let her down waiting. She wouldn’t do it.
  • What is the meeting point?
    • You will find us in Alcazabilla Street, just opposite to the Roman Theatre close to the crystal pyramid.
  • How can I find you at the meeting point?
    • Look out for a guide with a little pennant like a white flag with our logo on it.
  • What languages do you do the tour in?
    • We have tours in English and in Spanish.
  • Which monuments* and tourist sites do you see with the Basic Málaga Tour?
    • With the Basic Málaga Tour we’ll see the Roman Theatre and the Alcazaba (the muslim fortress) in Alcazabilla Street. We will visit The Merced Square, where we’ll see the Torrijos monument and Picasso’s birth place. We will also tell you about Picasso Museum, the Cathedral, Constitution Square, Larios Street and much more.* Monuments will be seen from the outside. If you want to have a guided visit inside any monuments, have a look to the Intermediate and Advanced tours!
  • And what about the Intermediate and the Advanced Tours?
    • In the Intermediate Tour, we’ll visit same tourist sites and monuments than with the Basic Tour, combined with the interior visit of the Roman Theatre and Alcazaba (Option A) or the Cathedral (Option B).
    • In the Advanced Tour, we’ll visit same tourist sites and monuments as in the Basic Tour, plus the interior visit of the Roman Theatre, Alcazaba and the Cathedral. *
  • Are the tickets to the monuments included in the Intermediate and Advanced Tour final prices?
    • No, the tickets will be purchased at the entrance of every monument.
  • Is there tour even if there is bad weather? And what about if it’s an officialy holiday day?
    • There is an average of 320 sunny days per year in Málaga, but in the 45 rainy days we also do our best that you become local as well, of course. Unless there are frogs falling from the sky, the only days there is no tour are on 25th of December and 1st and 6th of January.
  • Are the tips mandatory?
    • Nope, but they are always very welcome.
  • Is it accessible for prams and wheelchairs?
    • The Basic Tour is 100% accessible since we are moving on a flat ground. The Intermediate and Advanced tour might be a bit more tough, but contact us and we’ll try so sort it out.
  • How can I get to the meeting point? What kind of transport can I get to get there? Is there any car park around?
    • The meeting point is on a pedestrian street, but there is a car park, taxi stops and buses stops pretty close. If you are not sure how to get there from your hotel/hostel/appartment/camping-site/caravan/house-of-this-friend-you-met-on-the-exchange-program, let us know and we’ll tell you the easiest way to get to the meeting point so you can attend the tour with no problem
  •  What do you recommend me?
    • To be happy ;-). But also, that you attend our tour with comfy shoes, a bottle of water, a hat, cap or Pamela so you are not so hot, especially on summer time.

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