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These two tour guides had a brilliant idea in 2017: showing their hometown to anyone who wants to see it from the least touristic and the most local perspective.

Rocio Zamora aka Whoopi Goldberg
Rocio Zamora

Rocío Zamora

I’ve lived in Málaga nearly my entire life, but I also had a two year stint in Belfast (Northern Ireland). I left Málaga looking for new adventures and also because I needed a change of scenery. When I got into Belfast, it was so windy there, that the scene that I imagined myself at, was the one from "Sister Act" movie, you know, the one with Whoopi Goldberg’s hair.

It was a great experience: a new environment, new people, a new language… but the local food, the constantly changing weather and the fact that I missed all my family and friends, made me value my hometown as never before. Eventually, the urgent need to sit on a terrace with the scent of the sea in the background, made me leave the raining poncho behind and come back to my beautiful Málaga. Would you like me to show you what made me come back?

Isabel Martín

Having conquered some countries like Sweden, Italy or Poland, the constant contact with people from all around the world, thanks to my work as a tour guide, made me get to a conclusion. Well, actually 2 different conclusions. First of all, I really adore my city and nowhere else I ever felt as comfy, as I feel living in Málaga. The second one is that I enjoy immensely transmitting that passion to those who visit us. I enjoy surprising, delighting them… Call it whatever you want! My city, Málaga is what I've always missed while being far away. The adoration I feel, cannot be overwhelmed by any Empire State Building, the Eiffel Tower or even the Roman Coliseum. Málaga is unique and I'm thrilled to share it with everyone.

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