New Year's Eve traditions in Spain

7 New Year’s Eve Traditions in Spain

Every country celebrates the last night of the year on a different way. Each nation has different customs for this magic evening. Let’s see which are the traditions for New Year’s Eve in Spain:


1) Having lentils for dinner:

This is an Italian tradition that is getting very popular in Spain. I think it’s increasing due to the economic crisis. And I think so because it’s supposed that having a lentil soup for dinner this last evening of the year brings you money for the following year. So, if you want to try…


2) Having dinner in a restaurant/going to a party:

Another option which is getting more and more popular is having your last dinner in a restaurant. In this way you don’t have to cook. And what’s on for many years is going to a cotillón party after the family dinner. Its name comes from the custom staff they give you at the entrance to the party:

Toast with champagne

3) Toast with champagne or sparkling white wine:

Just after dinner, or at midnight, or both times, people toast with either champagne or sparkling white wine. I don’t like any of them, so I toast but I don’t drink it. These wine glasses can be used later on for tradition number 5.


Lucky grapes

4) Eating the 12 lucky grapes:

This is the most famous Spanish tradition for New Year’s Eve: eating 12 grapes at 12 at night, following the Puerta del Sol clock strokes, in Madrid. You can see them on TV or listen to them on any radio station. You eat the grapes to be lucky the year starting. Some people don’t like grapes, so they eat something different: nuts, gummies, Skittles…


Burning wishes

5) ‘Burning your wishes’:

There are people who write down a wishes list for the new year and later on they burn it, hoping their wishes will come true. There are different ways of doing this: some people step on the paper with every clock stroke at 12 at night and they burn it right after, other people burn the list inside the champagne glass… Choose your own way.

Red underwear

6) Wearing red underwear:

This is pretty common and it might happen in your country too. The legend says that wearing red underwear this magic night brings love. So try and let us know if it works.


Churros with hot chocolate

7) Having churros with hot chocolate for breakfast:

And at last –but not least-, when you’re coming back from the party, the typical tradition is having churros with a hot chocolate cup at any coffee shop. And if for some reason you couldn’t make it to the party, you can always go when you get up in the morning. But this is what you’re having for breakfast the first day of the year and that’s it  😆


Ok, so… what are the traditions for the New Year’s Eve in your country?

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