Malaga in winter

5 things to consider if you’re coming to Malaga in winter

Quite often we don’t know what kind of clothes take with us when we travel somewhere. Or if we’ll need either umbrela or sun cream. Or maybe we think we do and we suppose that if we’re going to Munich in December we have no other option that taking the thick coat with us. Or doesn’t matter what time of the year we travel to Canarias that the swim suit is going to our suitcase and that’s it. And we might get surprised when we get to our destination. So here we come to tell you 5 things you have to take in consideration if you’re travelling to Malaga in winter:

1) Temperature: in Malaga temperatura in winter is usually going from 7-8 degrees as a mínimum to 15-17 degrees as a maximum temperature. But this is a bit tricky, since here it’s usually quite wet and it’s usually colder that it could seem looking at the thermometre.

Weather in Malaga

2) Rain: weather is quite steady in Costa del Sol capital: it doesn’t rain much, usually not more than 50-60 days per year. But when it rains, it properly rains. You might want to go to a museum that day, and if you’re outside, you’d better have waterproof shoes and a strong umbrela (rain poncho is usually not enough).

It also rains in Malaga

3) Snow: yes, you’re reading right. The cool thing in Málaga is that you have the beach right here and the snow is only two hours away by car. Indeed, some days you can go to Sierra Nevada (Granada) in the morning, and when you come back here it’s still such a nice weather you can go for a walk on the beach.

Sierra Nevada

4) Clothes: ok, so after all this you’re telling me, what kind of clothes should I take when travelling to Malaga on February? Well, it also depends on where you’re coming from. Usually it’s ok with a thin long sleeve and something thicker for nights or in case it’s windy (couple of jumpers is fine). You don’t need to bring a thick coat. Better if shoes are waterproof, just in case of rain, and the more comfortable the better. Check if it’s going to rain before coming, forecast is normally right. If it is, you’d better take an umbrela than a rain poncho, and the best is to program some interior activity for that day, just in case. PS: take also some short sleeve t-shirt, some winter sunny days we can reach 20 degrees and you could be even warm  😉

Winter in Malaga

5) Dates: last thing has nothing to do with the weather. There are certain dates when the city is crowded. If you want to avoid loads of people and really enjoy Malaga, we recommend you not to come in Christmas or Easter. In these dates streets are packed due to the Christmas lights shows or the parades in Easter. So unless you’re coming specifically to enjoy these events, it’ll be difficult you get to know properly the city.

Malaga in Easter

Do you have any more questions or doubts? Don’t hesitate and contact us.

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