San Juan campfires

5 things to consider if you’re coming to Malaga in summer

As we did in winter, we’re telling you now 5 things to consider if you’re coming to Malaga in summer:

1) Temperature: Taking in account that summer-summer lasts in Malaga aprox from half May till half October (yes! we have around 5-month summer! 😀 ), usually the temperature is between 16-20ºC at night and 25-30ºC during the day. It’s pretty humid here, so it’s common that you sweat a lot. But also most of the days you can feel a very pleasant sea breeze! In these dates normally doesn’t rain more than 6-7 days… in total!

Málaga in summer

2) Terral: Terral is a (VERY!) hot wind which appears some days in summer and it usually lasts for 2-3 days. It raises up the temperature around 10ºC, so these days we can get up to 35-40ºC. It’s common in Malaga city, nearby cities and Guadalhorce Valley, so you have basically two options: either go to the East or West coast (Fuengirola, Marbella, Nerja…) or turn on the air conditioning and don’t go anywhere! And no, the beach isn’t a good option because there it’s as hot as in the city.

Terral in Malaga

3) Clothes: So, taking all this in account… what can I were so I don’t roast myself like a turkey? Well, the best is to wear a short skirt or shorts and a sleeveless blouse or t-shirts. If you’re coming in May or September-October, bring also some trousers and a thin cardigan to wear at night, nothing very thick. Bring your swimsuit, even if you don’t bath in the sea, it’s useful for sunbathing and you might go to a swimmingpool or an acuatic park. And of course, forget about the socks!

No socks!

4) Accessories: These elements will be very useful –even indispensable- in your summer trip to Costa del Sol. It’s essential to wear a cup or a hat and to have suncream to protect ourselves from the sun, especially if our skin is white like Calcium-enriched milk. Sunglasses are also very useful and grab either a fun or a water sprayer to cool yourself down. And something you must have in your bagpack is water!, it’s very important that you hydrate yourself aaaaaall the time.

Woman with a fan


5) Dates: There are a few important parties in Malaga in summer:

  • San Juan (23rd of June): this day at night people go to the beach to make campfires and have dinner there, either on a barbecue or some home-made stuff. There are fireworks at 12am and some people make some figures (júas) that later are being burnt in the fire. Tradition: to get your feet wet on the sea at 12am and jump over the campfire.

San Juan campfires

  • Virgen del Carmen (16th of July): don’t be surprised if this day you’re at the beach and it starts to get crowded in the evening. This day there is a sea procession: the virgin is in a boat in the sea. There are two neighbourhoods were this celebration is traditional: Huelin and El Palo.

Virgen del Carmen procession

  • Feria (half August): Feria commemorates the city conquer by the Catholic Monarchs. This is a 9 day-party where you can eat, drink and dance non-stop day and night. It’s one of the most popular parties and people all over the world come here to enjoy it  😉

Malaga's fair

So, do you know now what to pack for your next summer trip to Malaga? Do you need to know anything else? Please, contact us for any question you have.

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